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Excel vs The EDGE

Why choose The EDGE software over Microsoft® Excel®? Are your spreadsheets complex with multiple worksheets and cells referring back to other sheets? Are your estimates consistent between estimators or bids? Is it easy for you to review your bids? How do you make sure you are not overbidding or underbidding?


The EDGE Estimator – Professional-grade takeoff and cost estimating solution

Designed by experienced construction industry professionals, The EDGE is the most effective takeoff to estimate solution in the industry. Not only is The EDGE completely customized to your trade, but it’s also customized to your business so that your takeoff sources the exact materials and manufacturers that your business utilizes.


EDGE On Site

You’ve won the bid with the insanely accurate estimate built with The EDGE™, but now you have to put it into production without letting your profit margins slip. EDGE on Site takes your estimates to the field, allowing your Foreman to track progress and correct cost overruns as they occur. The easy-to-use EDGE on Site production management app runs on an Apple® iPad®, mapping the estimate, drawings, and change orders with virtually no data entry.


The EDGE and EDGE On Site Training

Estimating Edge has multiple options for training. Whether, it’s In-House, On-Site or the Internet, we’ve got you covered.


The EDGE – Commercial Acoustical Subcontractors

Because it is specifically designed for the Acoustical trade by experienced tradesmen, The EDGE™ produces a far more accurate material list than other solutions. The EDGE lets you perform takeoff in incremental areas and with incremental wall angles. And it’s smart. The EDGE knows how many pieces of grid or tiles are in a carton, includes a manufacture database, plus so much more!


The EDGE – Commercial Drywall Subcontractors

Unlike other solutions, The EDGE™ was designed specifically for commercial Drywall subcontractors. For example, our Conditions feature is easy to set up and makes takeoff a breeze. Set the Condition properties for one wall type, and then duplicate it and alter it for other wall types specified in the site plans.

The EDGE is also completely customized to the way your business operates, with databases containing suppliers and manufacturers of interior components that you already use, including USA Gypsum and USG specialty groups. It includes systems for both rated and non-rated walls.


The EDGE – Commercial EIFS Subcontractors

EIFS contractors know well how difficult estimating complicated exterior insulating finishing systems can be. In fact, most of the estimating software products on the market don’t even attempt to support the trade, expecting EIFS subcontractors to “make do” with products designed for painting, drywall, or masonry. But not The EDGE™. Our software was designed specifically for EIFS professionals by tradesmen who have worked in the industry. And it shows.


The EDGE – Commercial Acoustical, Drywall and Wall Panel Subcontractors

Why choose The EDGE if you are a subcontractor who installs acoustical, drywall and wall panels.


The EDGE – Fireproofing

Why choose The EDGE if you are a subcontractor who specializes in fireproofing


The EDGE – Commercial Roofers

The EDGE is also loaded with roofing-specific conditions, allowing you to select a roofing system, choose the parts list, and automatically calculate measurements and all material costs while you perform a takeoff. You won’t believe how quick it is, or how accurately The EDGE roofing software can track every item.

Plus, the Tapered Insulation and Standing Seam Roofing Modules Give You Even More Control.


The EDGE – Commercial Painters

Why choose The EDGE if you are a commercial painter.