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EDGE On Site™ extends the power of The EDGE™ Estimator into the field, giving users the power to monitor production progress in realtime.

Edge On Site

Intelligent Mobile Production Management

You’ve won the bid with the insanely accurate estimate built with The EDGE, but now you have to put it into production without letting your profit margins slip. EDGE On Site takes your estimates to the field, allowing your foreman to track progress and correct cost overruns as they occur. The easy-to-use EDGE On Site production management app runs on an Apple® iPad®, mapping the estimate, drawings, and change orders with virtually no data entry.

More Than Just Schedule Tracking

Tracking labor on site is time-consuming, and your foreman already has plenty to keep him busy. Especially when the real value is in tracking against the actual estimate and change orders. EDGE On Site makes it easy by allowing the foreman to simply select individual takeoff components as they are completed, giving key insight into exactly where production exceeds the original budget.

Your Estimate Gone Mobile

EDGE On Site is the easiest way to bring your actual estimate, including blueprint details and change orders, to the field for production. All data is sent from The EDGE software directly to the EDGE On Site iPad app, allowing progress to be tracked in realtime if there is Wi-Fi available on site, or managed on an iPad if there is not.

Always Up-To-Date

You will never have to wonder whether a blueprint or change order is current with EDGE OnSite. The mobile production management app connects seamlessly with The EDGE estimating software to ensure that your foreman is always equipped with the most current version of everything relating to the job.

Virtually No Data Entry

The real power behind EDGE On Site is in how easy it is to use. Rather than require the foreman to enter data, he merely has to select takeoff “shapes” as they are completed. This allows for real-time progress reporting and allows Project Managers to drill down into cost codes, unit rates, and more to analyze performance in detail.

Download EDGE On Site for your Apple® iPad®

Free to download
*To activate, please contact [email protected]

Download EDGE On Site for your Apple® iPhone®

Free to download
*To activate, please contact [email protected]

Build It Like You Bid It

Apart from estimating, production is where profits can quickly disappear. By simply and easily tracking production based on the actual estimate and change orders, your foreman can ensure that production matches the estimate or change order, and act swiftly to curtail any problems before they get out of control. EDGE On Site will not only help your business stay on point during production, but it will also help in building future estimates by pinpointing precisely where and how cost overruns occur.

Stay On Top, On Time, and On Target

So many variables can affect production that it can be extremely difficult to pinpoint exactly where a job goes awry, let alone to identify issues as they happen. EDGE On Site gives your team the power to stay on top of production every step of the way, and helps identify problems when production deviates from the estimate or change order. Additionally, project managers or owners can be automatically notified via email or text when progress benchmarks are reached, keeping all stakeholders updated along the way.

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Customers Love The EDGE

  • “I think the Webinar's are great! You all to a great job in presenting them and it is easier to grasp the intention that you are trying to convey. I do like it when I can go back and see them again to refresh myself with them. Keep up the great job!”
    Florida Crane
    Mike Crane
  • Incorporated in 1987, Supreme Systems has grown to become the largest commercial roofing company in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex, and a major national roofing corporation. Using The Edge Roofing Estimating software, their services include roof repairs and maintenance, roof replacement, roof restoration, new construction and more.
    Supreme Systems
    Commercial Roofing Contractor
  • Sun Commercial Roofs of Dallas is a full-service commercial roofing company, that uses The EDGE Estimator software. Their goal is to assist you in protecting your building investment and personnel. Since 1988, Sun Commercial Roofs has used the latest technical tools and highest quality craftsmen to service our most discerning customers. 
    Sun Commercial Roofs
    Dallas, Texas
  • KPost, The Official Roofing & Waterproofing Company of the Dallas Cowboys, uses The Edge! KPost consistently ranks as a Top 100 Roofing Contractor in Roofing Contractor and as a Top 600 Specialty Contractor.  KPost has received numerous awards showcasing the company’s state-of-the-art production techniques, individual employee craftsmanship, and the overall high standards that the company is setting throughout the commercial roofing industry.
    KPost Commercial Roofing
    Roofing Contractor in Dallas, Texas
  • “The creators and architects of The EDGE were designed by people who know what they’re doing; they have been studying nothing but construction estimating for decades and are, without question, experts on how to estimate construction work. They are taking their expertise and the best practices from the best, most progressive contractors out there.”
    John Maxwell
    President | Maxwell Roofing and Sheet Metal
  • “The EDGE lets me save $70,000 – $80,000 per year by not needing to hire additional estimators.”
    Dale Gillis
    Owner & Estimator | Carolina Commercial Roofing, Inc.
  • “The EDGE is user friendly, easy to learn and incorporates many safeguards to help avoid mistakes. Construction estimates can be completed 5 times faster than other programs. The technical support has always been outstanding! I have said many times If The EDGE was not available, I would quit estimating.”
    Roger J. Smith
    Senior Vice President | Crowther Roofing & Sheet Metal of Florida, Inc.
  • “We would not be able to accomplish what we do without the estimating capabilities that The EDGE has provided. The EDGE interfaces with our accounting system and our payroll department thus allowing valuable data sharing and enhanced managerial capabilities. I am very appreciative of our relationship, your product, and the ongoing service that your firm provides.”
    Hunter Green
    Director of Estimating | Saratoga Roofing & Construction
  • “We've used The EDGE since 2009 and it works great, prompting us to include every conceivable product and labor component. It has allowed us to quote more work and be 50% quicker and more precise. The drawing reports give my customers confidence that our price accurately reflects the job. Technical issues are always handled promptly and professionally. By using the EDGE we can be more competitive, profitable and confidant with our proposals.”
    Gary Fehr
    Pro West Interiors BC Ltd.
  • “We have been using The EDGE since 1990. Not only does The EDGE allow us to quickly and accurately generate estimates, but it allows us to manage our projects more efficiently. The responsive and friendly technical support team has successfully helped us customize our software to fit our specific needs. I recommend The EDGE to anyone that is looking for robust but easy-to-use construction estimating software.”
    William H. Roark
    President & Owner | Acoustics & Specialties, LLC
  • “The EDGE construction estimating software has been our only solution since 1991. We depend on The EDGE for accurate takeoffs along with detailed pricing for all our divisions including Drywall, Acoustical, EIFS, Fireproofing, Flooring, Painting, and Metal Wall Panels. The Estimating Edge staff has a deep commitment to customer satisfaction. I highly recommend The EDGE solution for estimating.”
    Mike Heering
    President | FL Crane & Sons, Inc.
  • “We have used The EDGE for our estimating since 2003. The EDGE has allowed our estimates to be more consistent with material cost and labor production rates. Bids can easily be revised when there are addendum changes. And reports can be generated based upon Project Manager and Field needs. The Estimating Edge continues to improve their product and is helpful and responsive to the users questions.”
    Samuel W. Henderson, Jr
    President | Charlotte Paint Company, Inc.

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