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EDGE On Site is Now Available for Version 12 Fireproofing

EDGE On Site is now available for version 12 Fireproofing! Track jobsite production without letting your profit margins slip using EDGE On Site.

The EDGE Estimator v12, Cloud Reporting

Brand new reporting feature. Designed for version 12 users, it’s web-based, customizable and interactive. This webinar discusses how to create and use reports.

The EDGE Estimator v12, Change Orders

Learn how to use change orders. Topics include how to manage changes, report and “what-if” situations.

EDGE On Site™ just got better with the release of On Time

The new module—On Time—lets you track time, produce time cards for your payroll employees and syncs hours to the original estimate cost code.

Estimating Edge Administration Portal

The Admin Portal stores all your company’s bids and allows you to manage administrative functions such as managing users and licenses, creating role-based permissions, plus more!

The EDGE Version 12, Project Conditions

A brand-new feature for version 12 that dramatically speeds up the setup and takeoff time. This feature allows users to set up a condition once and use it anywhere inside the section.

Fireproofers: How to Use Version 12

See the new features available for fireproofing!

See for Yourself – Why Version 12 is Necessary for Today’s Climate

After watching this webinar, you will be able to make an informed decision about upgrading to version 12!

The EDGE Estimator v12, Common Conditions

Typically used by interior subcontractors when there are multiple repeating elements (e.g., wall and height). See how to define repeating sections, save the area and then use it on different pages.