What’s New in Version 12.7?

New Features

The release notes shown on this page apply to all users interested in upgrading to the latest version of The EDGE® Estimator.

Best Practice: All users within your company should be on the same version “build”. This allows everyone to see the same screens and have the ability for collaboration.

  • In the case where a company cannot update all devices/users to the latest build, we recommend to not update to the new version until all users are using the same version “build”.

At Estimating Edge, we value and employ techniques to protect your data and provide the highest levels of service.

As a part of this release, we are incorporating new security functionality to keep you protected. The next time a user logs on, they will be asked to update their login password.

Bid Management

  • General
    • Retain sorts and filters applied at the bid grid – Per user, the system will remember the last sort and/or filter that was applied and will continue to display the view until it is cleared.
    • Ability to move scenarios and/or sections up and down.
    • Columns added to section grid – Hours, Mandays and Crew Days columns can now be seen in the Section view.
    • Ability to check-In all scenarios – All scenarios within a given bid may be checked in with a single click.
    • Copy and paste items – Items can now be copied from one condition and pasted into another condition within the same bid.
  • Condition Properties
    • Improvements when using the conditions quantities dialog – Enhanced user experience when opening the quantities dialog, allows users to fill out the information with fewer clicks. more efficiently.,/li>
    • Improvements when searching for misc. items – When searching for Misc. Items the lookup behaves the same as all other lookups.
    • Ability to move a block of conditions in your bid – users can now move multiple conditions up or down at the same time.
  • Pricing and Labor Screens
    • Enhancements when turning an item off – Any items that are turned off from pricing/labor will remain in view. If an item needs to be turned back on users no longer need to navigate to another view to show all items.
    • Sorting and grouping added – New option allows users to sort and/or group the items in the pricing and labor view based on certain criteria, such as Section Name or Number, Page Name or Number, Condition Name or Number, and many more.
    • Adjust lines from labor screen – Users can now mark line items and then adjust the production rates by a defined percentage (up or down).
    • Auto pricing feature – While working in the pricing screen, newly used items will pull in the price that was last used within the bid.
  • Recap
    • Scenario markups – Markups applied below the Profit, can now be set up as defaults in the database which can be configured and used for every bid.
  • Takeoff/Image Manager
    • Rectangle drawing tool now available for acoustical area conditions – Using the rectangle tool, you can now takeoff a square or rectangular room with only two clicks.
    • Bid image manager enhancements
    • Users now have the ability to add notes/labels, highlights, and dimensions directly from the bid image manager. Previous versions required users to create a page to quantify a dimension from a detail page!
    • Improvements have been made when displaying the order of images after they have been inserted into a bid. Images are now placed in alphabetical or numeric order based on the file name of the images.
  • Reports
    • Condition detail report – The order of the report now honors the order of the conditions as they exist within the bid.
    • Custom text to print on reports – Want to include a custom note/label on each page of a particular report, now you can!
    • Summary reports no longer print items that have estimated quantities of zero.
    • Drawing report – Labels and dimensions now print with the same size font that is set in the takeoff screen.
  • Database
    • Database price update from the portal – Material pricing is now accessible from the Administration Portal and updates to prices can be made in the portal and saved back to the cloud estimating database.

General Fixes

  • Filter from recap to pricing/labor now honors the Subdivision level. Items that are part of the Subdivision that you are currently viewing in Recap will be viewed when clicking on a Tax Class or User Code and then moving to Pricing/Labor.
  • Production rate column if used in reports now shows the correct information from the bid.
  • Wizard in labor screen is now holding the User Code selected, no longer requiring the Wizard to be run again.
  • Replace tilde codes – When using on a Misc item, the configuration of the item will remain as originally set up.

Known Issue

  • Zones is currently not supported and will not function properly when using the Tapered and/or Standing Seam modules.

Product Feedback
Your feedback is important to us. If you have product feature or functionality requests, submit here.

If you have any questions, please contact Technical Support. Email: [email protected] Phone: 844.334.3378.