Install The EDGE Estimator version 12 – Network Database

Table of Contents
Installing SQL Express 2014 on a server
Configuring SQL
Restoring your Estimating Database
Setting up your Estimating Database EndPoint
Connect to your Network Estimating Database

1. Have admin access to server where the database will be located
2. Download Microsoft SQL Express 2014 with advanced services
3. Install SQL Express and SQL Management studio

Installing SQL Express 2014 on a server
1. Download SQL Server 2014 Express from Microsoft
2. Run the installer
3. Click on the “New SQL Server stand-alone installation”

4. Accept the License Agreement and Click Next

5. Everything will be checked by default, click the “Unselect All” button
6. Check “Database Engine Services”
7. Click Next

8. Select “Named instance” if not already selected
9. Delete the name “SQLExpress” and type in a new name. We highly recommended using the Instance ID “EDGENETWORK”
10. Click Next

11. Make sure both services are set to “Automatic”
12. Click Next

13. Select Mixed Mode
14. Enter, confirm and document a password. We highly recommend using “Edge1”
15. Then click Add

16. The Select Users window will appear
17. Type “everyone”, click Check Names and then click OK
18. The Select Users window will close, then click Next

The installation will now begin and may take several minutes.