Quantities, Condition

Quantities Condition Properties

F2 Button

Click Condition | Quantities or press F2, this will open the Condition Quantities dialog for the condition the cursor is highlighting. Condition Quantities it a quick look at measured quantities or to set where the condition is to get its quantity from.

Quantity from – Conditions will get there quantities in one of three ways, they are: (1) Measuring or digitizing, (2) Another Condition (Conditions can share quantities) and (3) Entered, you can manually override measured or shared quantities.
CQty -Description-Measured-Entered – CQty – Condition Quantity, a condition gets its quantity from Lineal Feet, Square Feet, Each (Count). The number of C Quantities will differ depending on the Condition.
Measured – The digitized quantity appears in this field.
Entered – Holds any manually entered quantities, to reset to original value click the boxed X button.
Multiplier – Default setting is 1, this field determines how many times this condition will be counted on the current page.
Alt unit – The example condition quantity dialog is a LF type condition, if you were looking for units in something other than LF you may be able to find a compatible match under Alt Units.