Program Features

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Use Multiple Unit Prices – Allows a user to have multiple prices for the same item.
Use User Code Markups – The User Code Database has two markups fields for each User Code, checking this field tells the program to also include User Code markups when calculating totals.
Use Crews – Tells the program that you base you labor on crews and not man-hours or man-days.
Use Lead Times – Allows an estimator to include lead times in his estimates.
Allow Labor Waste – Allows an estimator to add a waste factor to Labor costs.
Use Additional Minutes – If using The EDGE “Smart Labor” checking this box turns on fields for calculating additional minutes.
Use Page Pitch – Tells the program to calculate Pitch based on what is entered on the Page Pitch Properties field. The field can always be overwritten to change the Pitch.
Use User 1, 2, 3, 4 – The EDGE allows user to add or include up to four (4) additional databases. To turn on and create one of these database you must check the ‘Use user’ field first.
Description – Name the database here, the most common ones are: Accounting, Phase Code, Part Number and Pricing Dates.
Required – This field is only checked when exporting this database via the optional Export job to Database feature.