PDF for Larger Drawing

Just Printing on larger paper with Adobe Acrobat Professional:

  • Save drawing report as a pdf
  • When you print it, select a larger paper size in the pdf dialog box.

Printing a zoomed portion of the drawing with Adobe Acrobat Professional:

  • (Process may vary slightly depending on your version, but here are the basic steps)
  • Save drawing as a pdf
  • Open the doc in Adobe
  • Move to the screen and general area you want to zoom on
  • Click Tools | Advanced Editing | Crop tool
  • Select the area (using click and drag)
  • Press Enter
  • Click OK
  • Now save this as another file

Removing pages of a document with Adobe Acrobat Professional:

  • Open doc with Adobe
  • Click Thumbnails (this is usually on the left side of the screen)
  • Click the page you want to delete, and click Delete.