Pages Screen

Customize Columns | Pages Screen
To customize your database columns, select Edit | Customize Columns. Doing so will open a Customize list of headings that you have not included.

Indicates a line or lines have been marked.
Tells you a note exists for this screen, if you do not know what it is – you should read it.
Errors are present on the current screen, look at the Troubleshooter bar for hints as to the problem.
# – The # sign displays how many lines are on a given page.
 If the icon is present it is telling you the page has a background image attached, no icon no background image.

Description – A Description of the line the cursor is on in the current screen.
Scale – Displays the scale for the page.
Repeat – Displays the repeat factor for the page, the default setting is 1, if objects to be estimated repeat factor can be set to number of repeats and object only has to be estimated 1 time, The Edge will automatically calculate extensions.
Hours – The total labor based on Manhours for the estimate.
Mandays – The total labor based on Mandays for the estimate.
Plan Date – The date noted on the plan.
Rev (Revision) Date – The last date the plan have been revised.
P1, P2, P3 – Displays whatever has been entered in the P1, P2 or P3 fields.