The EDGE Version 12 Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcut Keyboard PDF

Adobe PDF document The EDGE Estimator, Version 12 keyboard shortcuts

Navigation Shortcuts

CTRL + B Go to Recap Screen
CTRL + H Go to Bids “Grid” Screen
CTRL + L Go to Labor Screen
CTRL + M Go to Pricing Screen
CTRL + O Open Folder or Image
CTRL + R Go to Reports Screen
CTRL + T Go to Takeoff Screen
CTRL + Z Undo Checkout
CTRL + . (Period) Next Screen or Image
(Screen Flow: Bids – Scenarios – Sections – Pages – Conditions – Properties)
CTRL + , (Comma) Previous Screen or Image
CTRL + + (Plus) Moves the Row (Data) Up
CTRL + – (Minus) Moves the Row (Data) Down
Up Arrow Move to the Next Row
Down Arrow Move to the Previous Row

The EDGE Specialty Shortcuts

CTRL + Shift+ C Check-out or Check-in
CTRL + U Adjust Marked Lines
F12 Replace Tilde Codes
F11 Wizard
Shift+ F2 Send Marked Line(s) to Database
Shift+ F6 On/Off

Common Shortcuts

ALT + S Go to the Search Box
ALT + V Open the Drop Down
CTRL + A Select All
CTRL + C Copy to Clipboard
CTRL + Delete Delete
CTRL + E Excel (Pricing, Labor, Recap, or Report)
CTRL + F Full Text Search
CTRL + F4 Copy and Insert (Copy and Paste)
CTRL + F5 Refresh
CTRL + N or Insert or F4 New (Bid, Scenario, Section, Page, Change Order, or Condition)
CTRL + S Save (Bid Grid or Scenarios)
CTRL + V Paste from Clipboard

Bid Grid Screen

F5 (When collapsed) Bid Properties
F5 (When expanded) Scenario Properties
F6 Bid Properties

Scenarios Screen

CTRL + I Images
F5 Scenario Properties
F6 Bid Properties

Change Orders Screen

CTRL + Shift + A Accept
CTRL + Shift + D Decline
CTRL + Shift + R Resolve
F5 Edit
F6 Scenario Properties

Sections Screen

CTRL + I Manage Bid Images
CTRL + U Search and Replace
F5 Section Properties
F6 Scenario Properties

Page Screen

CTRL + I Manage Bid Images
F5 Page Properties
F6 Section Properties
F7 Scenario Properties

Conditions Screen

CTRL + F2 Add/Remove from Schedule
CTRL + F5 Create a Group
CTRL + F6 Map Conditions
CTRL + I Go to Items Grid
CTRL + U Search and Replace
CTRL + Insert Add from Schedule
F2 Open Condition Quantities
F5 Condition Properties
F6 Page Properties

Items Screen

CTRL + Shift+ L Add Label
CTRL + Page Up Previous Condition Items
CTRL + Page Down Next Condition Items
F5 Item Properties
F6 Condition Properties
F7 Replace

Bid Image Manager (Image Grid) Screen

ALT + F Add Folder
ALT + I Add Image
ALT + R Show Root Folder
F5 Edit

Bid Image Manager (Image Viewer) Screen

F5 Edit Image Description

Pricing Summary Screen

CTRL + F2 Auto-Round Marked Lines
CTRL + I Compare Marked Items
F5 Item Properties
F6 Condition Properties
F7 Replace Item

Pricing Detail Screen

F5 Item Properties
F6 Condition Properties

Labor Summary Screen

CTRL + F2 User Code Override
CTRL + I Compare Marked Items
F5 Item Properties
F6 Condition Properties
F7 Replace Item

Takeoff Screen

0 Snap to Points
1 Zoom to Selected Area
2 Fit to Screen
3 Ortho Mode
4 Measured Line
5 Replicate
6 Text/Label
7 Add/Remove Dimensions
8 Arrow
9 Grey Non-Current/Toggle On and Off
= Toggle Crosshair Styles
A Area
Backspace Remove the Last Point
C Circle or Count
CTRL + H Heads Up Display Mode
CTRL (Hold) Temporary Ortho toggle
CTRL + P Performance Mode
CTRL + X X-Ray Mode
CTRL + Y Redo
CTRL + Z Undo
D Deduct Area
I Additional Perimeter Add
K Convert to Arc
L Line/Continuous Length
N Move to Next Condition
P Move to the Previous Condition
R Rectangle
S Segment Length
Select T, Spacebar, or ESC
Toggle Snap to Background Image On or Off Q

Lookup up Database from Bid (via ellipse), Items Database (from the Bid Items Grid), and Miscellaneous Items Database (from Bid Condition Properties)

F5 Edit
F7 Select


Database Specific Keyboard Shortcuts

User1, User2, Costing Codes, Labor Types, Subdivisions & User Codes, Tax Classes Database(from Bid Item Properties) and Add-ons Database from (Bid Condition Properties)

F5 Edit
F7 Select

Contacts and Estimators Database from Bid

F7 OK (Select)

User1, Costing Codes, Labor Types, Locales, Lookups, User2, Subdivisions, Tax Classes,  User Codes, Add-ons & Contacts (2 panes), Conditions (2 panes), and Items & Misc Items Database

F5 Edit

Groups Database (3 panes)

Ctrl+Shift+L Add Label
F5 Edit