Installing HASP Driver At Command Line

This tip is to be used for Edge update where HASP driver failed to load.

1. Remove the HASP
2. Uninstall the HASP HL or 4 driver(s) in Control Panel
3. Run the following from The EDGE installation disk or download directory to uninstall the HASP SRM driver:
a. Go to the command line (CMD) -if Vista, run as administrator.
b. Go to the …\HASP directory. (The directory in which it was installed from, CD or DL file)
c. Type HASPDINST.exe -fremove
d. Press Enter
e. HASP SRM should uninstall.
f. Exit the CMD window.
4. Install HL or 4 Driver (hdd32 – is current driver)
5. Reboot Machine
6. Plug in HASP. Make sure it is detected.
7. Remove HASP
8. From command Line, (CMD) Run HASPDINST.exe -install
– Make sure you are at the path where the downloaded Edge folder is located:
ex: C:\Documents and Settings\Jim\Desktop\Edge1030cd-single\Hasp HASPDINST.exe -install
9. Plug in HASP
10.Open the Edge and it should work