Hasp Driver Install


Error 48 “Unable to start/stop hardlock service with parameters 1119 1058 1.
ErrorCode: 48 5 595 1058” or Failed HASP SRM Run-time installation. Error 48 “cannot start/stop aksfridge”


Might be the “hardlock” file/service get corrupted due to several installation/uninstall of HASP drivers.

Follow the steps to resolve the issue:-
1- Unplug the USB key.
2- Uninstall HASP License Manager from machine using “Control Panel”.
3- Check if there is any “HASP Loader” service running? If yes, then stop it.
4- Download latest Sentinel HASP Runtime v5.95command line version from below link:-


5)-Remove the Driver/RTE.
haspdinst.exe -fr -purge
6)- Reboot your machine.
7)- Reinstall the Driver/RTE (Run Time Environment) – Click on Start, select Run, click Browse and locate haspdinst.exe, click open
haspdinst.exe -i -fi -kp

If a reboot, and reinstallation of the drivers does not resolve this issue, I would suggest to try the following steps:-

1)-Check to see that if the registry has the following:-
Start = 2 (automatic). You can try setting the Start = 4 (disabled), reboot, and then reinstall(follow the above steps 5th to 7th) the drivers.
2)- If still the same issue then check if you can start the “hardlock” service under Device Manager–> View–> Show hidden devices–> Non-Plug and Play Drivers–>right click on “hardlock” >Properties–>Driver–>Start.