Digitizer Troubleshooting

How to troubleshoot a digitizer in The EDGE

When you are using a digitzer with a set of prints and you cannot get control of the cross hairs with your stylus, follow these steps:

  1. From the Drawing screen, click on the Drawing drop down menu and make sure that Digitizer is checked.
  2. If the Digitizer option is grayed out, click on the Tools drop down menu and select Check for Digitizer
  3. If you receive a message that states “The Digitizer was successfully detected, repeat step 1, if not go to step 4
  4. Close The EDGE and open the TabletWorks Control Panel and verify that it is configured properly.
  • The image below displays the proper configuration of the TabletWorks Control Panel.
  • Enable check box checked
  • Mouse check box unchecked
  • Wintab check box checked
  • TabCon check box red X
  • Specify a Cursor check box checked and stylus selected in the drop down
  • Click the Refresh List button
  • The Red X in the upper left hand corner should go away, if it does, click OK, reopen The EDGE and return to the drawing screen, if it does not, click OK, restart your computer and make sure the stylus is not lying on the digitizer.
  • After your computer restarts, reopen The EDGE and return to the drawing screen.

You can download the latest TabletWorks digitizer driver here: