How To Use Digi-Mouse

Close The EDGE:

1.Locate the Tablet Works Control Panel (TWCP) lower right corner of your desktop and double click on it. Make sure the “Mouse” is checked.
2.Click the “Mapping” Tab and assign a small area of the board to be the Mouse Pad.
3.Click “Apply” and then “OK” to close TWCP.

Re-open THE EDGE:

1.Open a job, or create a test job and navigate to the “Drawing.”
2.Once in the Drawing screen, Click on Tools | User Options | Digitizer.
3.Click the button “ Set Digitizer Mouse Area”
4.Follow instructions to set the Mouse area, then click OK.

If you ONLY want the digitizer pen to work like a mouse in the drawing screen, Skip the first half of this document and only do the part referring to inside The EDGE.