The EDGE Estimator v12, Collaboration

Check in – check out in a Scenario is like checking a book into the library because only one person can read the book at a time.

However, checking out within the sections is like dishing out the chapters to read.

The cloud is where all your edits are stored. If there was anything to happen to your computer, it will not affect this software.

Example: Multiple building projects approaching a deadline and you need to get the estimates done you can break your job into multiple sections allowing you to have multiple estimators work on the same project at the same time in different sections for the whole estimate faster.

Example: You can break a job into different sections. Allowing you to price building per section. Then if another estimator needs to make adjustments he can access the sections the previous estimator can now compete. That is of course once the previous estimator checks the project in.

  1. Once the conditions are added, we will do back to the Scenario and check the scenario in.
  2. Now, you will click the forward arrow in the right of the screen
  3. Taking you to the sections. In the sections, each estimator can check out a section and work on the conditions. This will allow the estimations to collaborate.

Multiple person/estimators can check out a section; however, only one can check out a scenario.

Make sure you are checked out or the check-in checked out button will be grey



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