Assigning Digi-Mouse Area

Controlling The EDGE with the digitizer (Digi-mouse feature)

Close The EDGE.
1.Open up Tablet Works Control Panel (TWC) and make sure the “Mouse” button is checked next to the digitizer shown.
2.Click on the “Mapping” Tab and “Pick” button to assign a small area of the board to be the Mouse Pad. Choose an upper left and lower right as in Edge 10.
3.Hit “Apply” and then “OK” to close TWC.
Now, you have to open THE EDGE back up.
1.Open a job, or create a test job and navigate to the “Drawing” Tab.
2.Once in the Drawing screen, Click on Tools/User Options, then on the left hand side, click on “Digitizer”
3.Click the button “ Set Digitizer Mouse Area”
4.Follow instructions to set the Mouse area, then click ok.

****** NOTE : If you ONLY want the digitizer pen to work like a mouse in the drawing screen, Skip the first half of this document and only do the part referring to inside The EDGE.