Application was unable to start


Installed The EDGE, when you open the program you get a program error:
Application unable to start correctly 0xc0150002 click ok to close
This is for any Machine running Windows 7 64bit or Windows Vista 64 !
The EDGE hangs when starting and never actually gets past the splash screen


Download this attached file to client’s machine… Have them unzip it and run. ( RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR )
After you install the attached file, Uninstall The EDGE 10.x.x (or higher) and reinstall via Setup file (no need to run entire CD Installer for this)

Fix: Needs file vcredist_x86.exe
Needs file vcredist_x86.exe

Still doesn’t work.
Uninstall the patch. Uninstall the Edge. Run Ccsetup235 Reinstall the patch and then the Edge setup. Needs file vcredist_x86.exe