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The Professional Choice for Takeoff and Construction Estimating Software

It’s a tough business. Construction professionals already know how competitive the industry is. Even the very best tradesmen need to be able to put in estimates that are on point if they are going to win bids and turn a profit.

But estimating is far from easy. A bid needs to be low enough to win the work, but not so low that money is lost doing the job. Being accurate means getting in-depth with details, a time-consuming task that cuts into profits. And there can only be profit on bids that are won. If you want to secure more business, you have to estimate and bid more. To be competitive today, you need to estimate as quickly and accurately as possible.

You need an EDGE.

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The EDGE® takeoff and estimating software

Your Competitive Advantage

The EDGE® construction estimating and bidding software enables commercial subcontractors to prepare estimates with greater accuracy, as well as increased efficiency and consistency.

Unlike some commercial construction estimating software, The EDGE has amazing depth, allowing you to account for every nail, no matter how extensive the job may be.

Plus, it’s smart – really smart – smart enough to calculate materials and labor costs while you perform takeoff by clicking directly on imported blueprint images. Once you’ve completed the on-screen takeoff, you can simply adjust materials and labor rates, correct any missing information, adjust the tax rate, profit target, and bond rate (if needed). All calculations are updated automatically, including change orders, and reports can be generated to assist with project management, accounting, and communication with customers.

Designed by experienced construction industry professionals, The EDGE not only speeds your process and increases the accuracy of your estimate, but customers have told us it has even improved their skills as an estimator.

Be more competitive. Your competitors are already using estimating software. Wouldn’t you rather bid with The EDGE than against it?

Estimating and Blueprint Takeoff Software Built for Your Trade

Our team of industry professionals with experience in your specific trade work with top-tier programmers to create an all-in-one construction estimating and takeoff solution that works the way you do.

Quick & Easy Measuring

Measure your job by clicking the screen with your mouse. Import blueprints, set your scale, and then simply trace where your work will go. Our smart system performs all the takeoff and calculates labor costs at the same time.

Incredibly Accurate Pricing

The EDGE comes with comprehensive databases of materials and manufacturers specific to your trade and can be customized to your business. So takeoff and cost estimates are precise to the way your business works.

Review Your Bid

Detailed enough to account for every single nail, The EDGE produces in-depth cost reports that can be customized to include items like regional taxes or to target profits (either across a job or broken down into specifics such as labor, materials, etc.).

Manage Each Job

Share project details with key personnel working on your project. Multiple team members can access and contribute to estimates throughout the bidding process ensuring greater accuracy and maximizing profit.

  • Acoustical


    Acoustic Ceiling Estimating Software

    The EDGE® professional-grade acoustical ceiling estimating software is designed to save time with on-screen takeoff for both rated and non-rated ceilings. Automatically perform incremental area tile calculations and replicate conditions for room-by-room estimating. Our ceiling contractor software databases are preloaded with industry manufacturers like Armstrong and USG.

  • Drywall


    Drywall Estimating Software

    Designed specifically for the interior trades (framing, insulation, drywall, and finish), The EDGE® drywall estimating software is the professional grade solution. Quickly and accurately produce detailed reports including profit recap reports, alternate pricing, ordering, and job costing, each of which can be easily customized to meet your specific needs. You can separate the recaps or combine them for drywall and acoustical.

  • EIFS


    Exterior Insulation Finish System Estimating Software

    It doesn’t take long for EIFS professionals to realize that The EDGE® EIFS estimating software is the perfect solution to maximize their company’s bidding capabilities and profits. The EDGE EIFS takeoff and estimating software will expedite your processes and save your business time and money.

  • Fireproofing


    Fireproofing Estimating Software

    Fireproofing is an essential part of building construction, and nobody handles fireproofing estimates like The EDGE® Estimator. Our feature-rich all-in-one solution includes Fire Test and steel shape databases containing UL designs and formulas that auto-assign thicknesses and allow shapes to be copied from one area to another. It also features full team-member access, spray charting and the ability to generate shop drawings. The intuitive interface and extensive fireproofing database make quick work of fireproofing bids.

  • Flooring


    Flooring Estimating Software

    Maximize your company’s production and profits with The EDGE® professional-grade all-in-one flooring takeoff and estimating solution. Our flooring estimating software features extensive customization options, allowing you to simply choose the type of flooring to be used, then add options for base, trim, thresholds, corners, and walls to be measured. Bid faster and better with The EDGE.

  • Painting


    Commercial Interior and Exterior Painting Estimating Software

    The EDGE® Estimator all-in-one takeoff and estimating solution lets painting professionals estimate the way that they work. Perform takeoff by surface and type or room-by-room, quickly and accurately produce detailed reports including profit recap reports, alternate pricing, ordering, job costing, and more. Save time and money estimating better and more accurately with The EDGE.

  • Roofing


    Roofing Estimating Software

    Professional Roofing Contractors know just how important accurate and timely estimates can be. Which is why they rely upon The EDGE® professional-grade all-in-one takeoff and estimating software. With the ability to calculate fastener lengths and even measure tapered insulation & standing seam roofs. Designed and built specifically for roofers by construction professionals, The EDGE is a powerful solution for building precision bids in a fraction of the time, allowing your business to save money and win more business.

  • Wall Panels


    Metal Wall Panel & Cladding Estimating Software

    The EDGE® professional-grade wall panel estimating software solution makes takeoff and estimating quicker and easier than ever before. Our all-in-one solution is designed and built by experienced professional tradesmen and features insightful tools and extensive databases to swiftly turn around remarkably accurate bids on any paneling or cladding job. Bid better and win more business with The EDGE.

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