Additional Keystrokes In The EDGE

The EDGE contains keystrokes that you can enter on your keyboard to ease your drawing process. The keystrokes and their functions are presented in the following table.

Esc – cancels the current shape completely if the shape is partially drawn. If there is no partially drawn shape, it returns you to the Condition page of the program.
Shift – The usage of Shift depends on your setting of Snap to point. Pressing Shift toggles between Snap to on and Snap to off.
Ctrl – will temporarily toggle you between Ortho on and off depending on how you have it set in your user settings.
Num + – zooms in on your drawing by 1%.
Ctrl+NumPlus – zooms in on your drawing by 10%.
NumMinus – zooms out of your drawing by 1%.
Ctrl+NumMinus – zooms out of your drawing by 10%.
PgUp – scrolls up through your drawing.
PgDn – scrolls down through your drawing.
Up – scrolls your drawing up.
Shift+Up – nudges the selected image(s) up in a drawing.
Ctrl+Shift+Up – increases the size of a label by 2pt.
Down – scrolls your drawing down.
Shift+Down – nudges the selected image(s) down in the drawing.
Ctrl+Shift+Down – decreases the size of a label by 2pt.
Left – scrolls your drawing to the left.
Shift+Left – nudges the selected image(s) left in the drawing.
Right – scrolls your drawing to the right.
Shift+Right – nudges the selected image(s) right in the drawing.
Backspace – When you press the Backspace button on your keyboard, you remove the last digitized point from the current shape. If there are no points in the current shape, backspace does nothing.
Enter – When you press the Enter key on your keyboard, the current shape will be completed.