Digitizer Multiple Beeps

The Super L – II+ digitizer boards produces an “alarm” in the form of audio tones to inform the user of various events. Listed below are the various kinds of tones you might hear.

          Length                        Number of Times      Meaning             
Short (1/16 second)            Four at power up           Diagnostics passed
Short (1/16 second)            Four                                Successful end of menu mode
Short (1/16 second)            Once                              Transducer pressed
Medium (1/4 second)         Three                              Menu mode aborted
Medium (1/4 second)          Fifteen                           Grid disconnected / Malfunctioning
Continuously On                  At power up                   Diagnostics failed

If, when testing you get more than four beeps from the ditgitzer, you need to call GTCO Tech Support and have them call our client or give the client GTCO’s phone number and have the client call GTCO. 

Four beeps mean the digtizer works. Anything more than four beeps means bad line or line connection.  Normally it must be replaced, becase the self-diaganosis shuts off the board after the beeps.  You can see this because the light is off.  In rare ihstances, checking the ribbon seating or taping the surface of the board and then restting will work.  But most times, it means a new board is needed.

A series of sing song beeps – are an indication of a bad line or diode on the very old board.  Needs replacing
GTCO will run some test and tell them. They may have to return the digitizer to be fixed, but more likely replace.

GTCO 1-800-344-4723

GTCO no supports or repairs SL, SL-II and SL-II+ digitizer boards (they can no longer get parts) therefore the only solution is to replace the board.