The EDGE™ Estimator v12 users: Condition Schedule

Using the condition schedule (this is the entire webinar)

The condition schedule is an extremely useful tool for interior estimators working on large projects. It allows the estimator to add conditions such as wall types, etc. to a schedule allowing them to add that wall type anywhere in the project. Then if changes are made to that condition they will be made everywhere that condition occurs.

Note doesn’t apply to roofers. Why? Condidtion schedule – using the same, got a 30 story buidlign and you have the ame wall all multiple floors. Instead

Setup of the wall – multiple pages – have the same setup on multiple conditions. What happens if you have a change. If you have 30 walls to change (that are the same) you would have to change it in 30 places. But the condition schedule.

If I connect all 4 walls to the condition schedule I can then change anyone of them once and it changes in all places.

Workflow – put in the (adding the conditions for the first floor), now you go to the second floor and you recongonize one or more of the “walls” (conditions) have the exact same requirmeents (e.g., same height, insulation, layers of board, etc.). Add a “common” condition to the condition schedule. And then continue on the other floors.

Note – the schedule by itself doesn’t help you a lot – what helps is later when there are changes to the wall (e.g., architect). If they are not linked to the schedule you have to make the change on each floor on each wall. If they are connected to the schedule you can change it everywhere. (e.g., built a wall without insulation and then later you decided you needed insulation.)

e.g., we use the word schedule (time – what’s going to come first, second, etc.). in construction you can also use the word schedule to explain how things are built (e.g., finish schedule, door schedule, wall schedule).

Date: 10/24
Time: 10 am PT/12pm CT/1 pm ET
Length: 25 minutes
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Presenter: Mike Mouw