2018 Year-End Checklist

Tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your estimating software in the year to come

A good builder owns a lot of tools.
A great builder remembers where he put ’em.

Keeping up with your tools is essential. It‘s true for hammers. It‘s true for cranes. It‘s true for software.

Below is our year-end checklist to make sure your estimating software is fully optimized and ready to rock for the year to come.

2018 Year-End Checklist

Update your material pricing

Times change and so does pricing. Chances are, your material pricing has fluctuated between when your account was set up and now. The same goes for your business’ production rates. These changes should be updated if you want the most accurate estimates possible.

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Clean up the “lookups”

It‘s likely that pricing isn’t the only thing that has changed since set up. If you’re using different vendors, manufacturers, materials, subcontractors or anything else, your lookups should be organized. That way your team can find and access the most accurate information.

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Archive old jobs

Congratulations! You’ve completed your estimate and finished the job. Now what? You can either do nothing, and continue to display all your estimates in the bid grid OR you can archive old jobs making your bid grid easier to navigate.

** For Cloud Users ONLY 

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Purchase additional licenses and deduct the full purchase price.

Take advantage of Section 179 tax deductions. This deduction allows businesses to deduct the full purchase amount of qualifying software and equipment in the given year. In 2018, the IRS doubled the limit from $500k in 2017 to $1 million.

More information on Section 179 Deduction

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