Zoom Image from Google Maps or Snipping

Topic: Extreme Zoom when Loading Background Image snipped from Google Maps


When snipping an image from Google Maps or other source using Snipping Tool, the image appears to be the correct size on the Drawing Screen, but the Zoom tool in upper right corner shows full zoom.

Although the image seems to display normally on Drawing screen, all Length and Count Condition icons will be extremely large on Drawing screen due to the extreme zoom of the image when loaded. Basically, you are doing a takeoff at full zoom.


When snipping the image, make sure it is saving as a PNG file. This will allow you to adjust the DPI to 300 from the current DPI somewhere in the 90’s. Trying to save snip as a JPG or TIFF will not allow you to adjust the DPI. Now, when you load the background image, the zoom is normal or at or close to 100%