Add an Image to an Existing Job v12

This is when a user creates a job, and does choose the Add Images option on Page Properties or needs to add additional Images to a job.

  1. Go to Takeoff Screen.
  2. On the left side under the title Bid Tree, Click the Import Images.
  3. Browse for the appropriate image to add and click Open.
  4. On the Page Summary Screen, you have the option to click the Gear on the thumbnail to increase the image quality.

    Do not check the box to the right of gear unless you need to create a new Page. 
  5. Select the Continue button in the lower right corner of the Page Summary Screen.

    You now see the Takeoff Screen again. Under the Bid Tree, Click on the Page Name or the word Conditions to get the Page Information on the right side of the screen.
    Note: If you click on a Condition, you will not see the Page Information screen on the right side. 
  6. On the right side of the Takeoff Screen, you should see Page Information if you selected one of the two options above under Bid Tree. Click the drop-down menu for Image and click the Apply.

  7. If you need to clear an image to replace with a new image, simply select Clear from the Page Information screen and choose the new image from the Image drop-down menu.